We are Indonesia’s advertising company providing space for creative campaign.


We did inspired by prism, a medium to disperse white light or sunlight into 7 natural spectrum colours.

There by prism has become our logo and foundation to run our vision and mission. Prisma aim to become a media full of colours, where a wish transformed into a happiness, reflected in beauty, and the intended purposes could be delivered. We aim to be a media where people can share stories and be united in togetherness.

Prisma aims to be on top of Our Client’s minds as an Advertising Company. Who provides the best in Innovation, Creativity and Excellent services

Based on the Trust that we are given
Start with faith, idea & hardwork
Do with fast, detail, cost-efficient
Becoming the best, perfect, with maximum quality for your advertising needs



We are able to finish our project efficiently, fast, detail and provide you our maximum result.


We are always fulfill our responsibilities with care, awareness, pro-active, and innovative actions


Honesty and sincerity in togetherness combined with loyalty to provide only the best.


Having the sensibilities, of consciousness and insight, will be a sense of belonging the readiness and responsibility


Leadership & consistency has become our work culture, we work the plan not only plan the work.


We start with high respect to the good attitude and discipline, we are moving forward in togetherness.