Prisma Advertising Joining APAC FORUM as a Member of WOO’s

Prisma Advertising be a Part of WOO

As one of the pioneers of OOH media companies in Indonesia, Prisma Advertising is proud to be a part of WOO. In October 2022, we’re officially invited to attend the APAC Forum in Kuala Lumpur as Participants.

The WOO organization is an association of outdoor advertising companies around the world that has a leading role in researching outdoor advertising media. Through digital media, WOO will provide the latest information on the outdoor advertising market, which annually holds a congress by presenting professional speakers.

Our CEO, Lauw Freddy, accompanied by Foni Walandow (Director), and Meryl Ancorn (Sales and Marketing Manager) attending the APAC Forum to fulfill the official invitation from WOO Organization.

Prisma Advertising at WOO APAC Forum Kuala Lumpur-

Prisma Advertising is very proud to be a part of WOO. This encourages us to keep leading and innovating as an OOH media company based in Indonesia, and we’re hoping to reach international markets.

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